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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you mainly work in a traditional style?
Well, I'm an Animation & illustration student by trade, and all of my proper work is done digitally, be it with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. So naturally, when I return home in the evening computer work is the last thing I want to be doing, so it's quite relaxing to take out a sketch pad and pencils and doodle away.

Out of the 'Mane Six' ponies, who is your favourite?
Rarity. Tabitha St. Germain does a brilliant job voicing her, I actually envy the animators who get to work with that material! XD

How did you start on Vinyl and Octavia based artwork?
I actually first came across the characters in the 'University Days' song by MysteriousBronie and subsequently ended up reading the fanfiction it was based on (Search that on Google, it's worth a read) Alas, being fairly new to the fandom I assumed the two were OC characters! A few weeks later though, after having watched the respective episodes of series one in which they appeared, I came across quite a bit of artwork of the pair on DA. Things snowballed from there really...

What's the deal with Vinyl and Octavia in your art, are they shipped or not?
Personally, I've decided to make them rather like the characters of Rod and Nicky from Avenue Q, in that Octavia is portrayed as straight, and Vinyl is secretly in love with her. It allows for more comic moments in my opinion.

Who are those two grey pony OCs who keep turning up?
They're Octavia's parents. despite having been brought about on a total whim they've proved to be quite popular. Despite the fact their respective names are Ostin and Mixy, most people just refer to them as Octamum and Octadad.

So, you like Daleks, and you like ponies; will you ever do a cross between the two?
Maybe, someday...

I find it fascinating that you love Daleks, yet there is a lack of Doctor Whooves in your work. Any particular reason?
It's simple really. Whenever I've posted anything Doctor Whooves related in the past it has always proved less popular than my usual stuff. That, and there are so many interpretations of the character of Doctor Whooves that you can guarantee someone will complain that it doesn't follow their theories! XD

Have you seen Equestria girls yet? If not, why not and do you want to? If so; did you like it?
I have indeed watched it. Whilst I wasn't particularly a fan of it, as an animator I respect that the production team made a good job of it given the rather bad brief they appeared to have been set.

When you're not on pony time what are you doing/thinking of?
Usually I'm working. I bury myself in my work! :P


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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
Your average tea drinking, cake eating, Octavia and Vinyl drawing, illustrating, animating, book reading, nice hot bath taking, fez wearing English person!


"Bob’s art isn’t noticeable for the great skill and/or technique, but I think most of its charm comes from the overall delicate and pleasant traits, that convey a sense of familiarity and "everything is fine, just have a giggle" feeling.

This style doesn’t make you "WOW!", it doesn’t make you cringe, exhalt, sad or angry. It cuddles your eyes with nice curves and pastel colors. It just makes you feel good.

Plus some good ol’ British humo(u)r."

- BigMax, Derpibooru User
  • Listening to: Toccata in F - CM Widor
So, it's almost that time where the little watcher counter is about to clock over the big 3000 mark, and I've been thinking about how I should celebrate such a milestone. So far, I've narrowed it down to two options:

Option 1: Q&A
I'm sure I meant to do this ages back (We're talking pre-1000 watchers here!) but for some reason I never got round to it. I think it's time that needs correcting. I'd be covering questions already answered on my profile page (Bottom left hand corner in case you hadn't noticed!) and others. If this plan goes ahead I'll post another journal asking for questions.

You'll also get to experience the highly English sounds of my voice =P

Trust me, just go ask Tilly-Towell or Star-Peace, they can vouch for how stereotypically English I sound. I seriously sound like I belong in an episode of Gerry Anderson's 'The Secret Service'! :P

Option 2: Bobthedalek - From the Vaults!
Sure, I've drawn quite a bit of stuff, but there's also a lot more that for one reason or another never quite made it to the world wide web. For one week (Or maybe two, I'm not quite sure) I'd be putting up scrapped pieces of mine, some finished, some less so, and offering a explanation and context as to why they just didn't quite make it.

...and yes, yes I do promise to include some of the first pony drawings of mine into the mix if this plan goes ahead. Prepare yourself for the classic 'sock puppet pony' style!


So there you have it. Options, options, options!

I can't make any promises, but there is a slight chance I might be able to do both, but it's a very slim one at present :)

What should I do when I celebrate 3000 watchers?… 

37 deviants said Bobthedalek - From the Vaults!
34 deviants said Q&A Video!


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...fourteen year me has a lot to answer for though... =P
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