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United Kingdom
Your average tea drinking, cake eating, Octavia and Vinyl drawing, illustrating, animating, book reading, nice hot bath taking, fez wearing English person!


"Bob’s art isn’t noticeable for the great skill and/or technique, but I think most of its charm comes from the overall delicate and pleasant traits, that convey a sense of familiarity and "everything is fine, just have a giggle" feeling.

This style doesn’t make you "WOW!", it doesn’t make you cringe, exhalt, sad or angry. It cuddles your eyes with nice curves and pastel colors. It just makes you feel good.

Plus some good ol’ British humo(u)r."

- BigMax, Derpibooru User
The watcher count just keeps on growing and growing, as always, thanks to everyone for their continued support. :)

Little bit of a random tangent now, but an interesting one no less. Some of you may be aware that outside of DA and Ponies I have a strong interest in theme parks, in particular 'dark rides' (Ghost Trains, or any ride in which a vehicle travels through set pieces like a piece of theatre) I've recently come into ownership of a piece of one of these types of rides:

C31nRRiW8AEM-wI.jpg-large by bobthedalek

For those who are curious, this was one of the many quirky signs that adorned the factory walls of "Tommy Tinkaboo's Sweet Adventure" at the now closed Pleasure Island Theme Park in Cleethorpes, Yorkshire. Imagine a rip off of Willy Wonka and you're very nearly there! The factory "staff" in question all had heads shaped like toffee sweets in their wrappers, hence the warning! =P

The sign itself was hand painted (Pencil markings to keep the letters straight are still visible up close!) by the now closed REX Studios, in collaboration with Sparks Creative. REX and Sparks were the masters of the UK dark ride industry, being involved in the production of major rides such as Alton Tower's Haunted House, The Chessington Vampire, Professor Burp's Bubbleworks, and The London Dungeons to name a few. 

In short, a very nice and unique piece of history.

For those of you who want to see footage of the old ride (Look out for this sign at 6:12!):


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